Surf school

Surfing, more than simply an activity, is a feeling, a lifestyle and a passion. At Awera Resort and Spa, we would love to show and convey this passion and feeling to you.

We offer surf lessons for complete beginners as well as advanced surfers. Our expert instructors use a range of teaching methods to help you improve your surfing, from offering support and guidance in the water when you’re getting started to filming your session and analyzing the footage with you in the evening over a drink.

Our beginner wave, located just a few meters away outside of our restaurant, is the perfect spot to take your first steps. Where necessary, we use our boats to find the best spot and tide in the area.

* Bringing reef booties is recommended

* Price: US$55 per person per lesson.  Includes surf instructor, board rental, boat use ( where necessary)

* Surf school package: Daily surf lesson throughout your stay, which will help you perfect your surfing technique. US$45 per day

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Mentawai is one of the most surf-friendly destinations due to its optimal conditions for taking up surfing for the first time or for surfers who haven’t ridden in a while.

Step 1. Getting acquainted with the ocean and the waves, and learning how to deal with them safely.
Step 2. Hitting the waves with our help.
Step 3. Learning to be independent in the water.
Step 4. You’re no longer a novice.


The main aim of our intermediate lessons is to help you gain confidence in the water and refine your technique. We assess each individual surfer’s level and pinpoint the areas they could improve on — generating speed, for instance, or perfecting their take-off, or transitioning up and down the wave. We’ll work on these techniques on smaller waves, and then put them into practice on more sizeable surf.


We offer video coaching and personal training.  Every wave you surf will be filmed and then you’ll be assessed by our coach in the evening. The best way to improve your surfing!

* For surf coaching and video analysis, check the availability of our private coach. Elite Surf coaching. Send us an email for further information and rates.

* Coaching is available for all levels

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