Social commitment

The island of Awera is ten minutes from the capital of Tua Pejat and, thanks to tourism, has been one of the area’s principal sources of wealth since the 1990s. At Awera Resort and Spa, we hope to continue contributing to the island and region’s prosperity with a philosophy of tourism that respects the local culture and environment.

Environmental Commitment

We are directly and actively involved with local government, helping to introduce new regulations regarding environmental protection.

Awera Resort and Spa is committed to recycling 100% of our waste. With this aim in mind we have developed a recycling protocol whereby different materials can be sorted and classified accordingly, then deposited at the appropriate waste recovery plant.

We have also installed a system for collecting rainwater and encourage the use of biodegradable products.

Social Commitment

In a bid to create wealth in the region we are committed to hiring local people from the island, particularly those who are most in need, such as single mothers.

We are likewise committed to supporting the local school with additional funds to ensure a long-lasting and productive partnership with the local community. We want all children in the surrounding area to have access to decent basic education.

Awera Resort and Spa is a long-term project that seeks to become a creator of opportunities for the islands’ inhabitants.