The Mentawai Islands are an unspoilt paradise far from the mainland. Precisely for that reason, it’s important that you read the following advice when preparing for your trip in order to make it as safe as possible.



There is no major issue on the Islands with regard to specific illnesses or diseases. However, we advise our guests to consult their doctor or travel clinic in their own country before traveling.



The Mentawai Islands are situated in an area subject to seismic activity. In the event of an earthquake and possible tsunami, there is high ground within a few minutes of the Resort, easily accessible via the evacuation route (you will be provided with a map of the route). We also have in place a warning system that alerts us immediately to potential threats. In the capital of Tua Pejat, they are fully prepared to deal with such situations, equipped as they are with satellite alarms, medical equipment, and satellite phones for communication with the navy and government.


Travel insurance

For your personal safety, travel insurance with medical evacuation coverage is mandatory. In the case of an emergency, we will help you contact your insurance company.